Talent Development

KinchLyons talent development programmes Inside iChange are architecturally built on the foundations of a library of cutting-edge thinking and highly impactful material based on the latest insights from Positive Psychology and our best-selling book iChange. Our talent development programmes unleash a clean, fresh and positive approach to change that draws from the world’s best leadership, team and change experts. It features the very latest from our own research and thinking, as well as the best from outstanding experts including:


  • Alan Lyons (iChange)

  • Jack Welch (Winning)

  • Daniel Goleman (Focus)

  • Martin Seligman (Flourish)

  • Steven Stein (The EQ Edge)

  • Stephen Covey (The 8th Habit)

  • Barbara Fredrickson (Positivity)

  • John Kotter (A Sense of Urgency)

  • Marcus Buckingham (Go Put Your Strengths to Work)

  • Ram Charan (Execution: The Discipline of Getting things Done)


The KinchLyons Business Coaching service offers:

  • A choice of highly experienced and skilled executive coaches (who are also accredited coaching trainers/supervisors)

  • A process designed to achieve significant impact on performance in the context of the needs of the business – now and into the future.

  • Informed by a battery of psychometrics – a development report.

  • Guided at all times by the agreed and individualised development agenda.

  • This is strengthened by the involvement of the coachee’s line-manager – both in the establishment of the development agenda, a mid-point check-in and at report-out stage.

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